Back to School, This Mama is a Little Sad!

It is the last week of August and this mama a little sad. So much is happening and I admit I have shed a couple of tears here and there.

My baby, my first born, the little baby boy that changed my life is turning 9 in a couple days! How is it possible that my little baby boy is going to be 9 years old??? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was spending countless hours designing his nursery, rubbing my growing belly and buying every blue item of baby clothes the stores sold. Last week while doing some back to school shopping with my mom I teared up as I picked out some size 10 jeans for him. Size 10 just doesn’t seem possible, life moves far to fast. So all you with babies out there, hold them extra tight (and a little extra for me!) cause before you know it they will be all grown up.

The kids are back to school in a week which means that I will be back to the quiet days in the studio allowing me for serious work and creativity. Sure I am happy about that, but this week is a big milestone for our family. The kids are starting a new school. They are heading to the amazing public school in our neighbourhood. We moved last summer for the school as I knew that they would be leaving the Montessori system one day and wanted to make sure our home was in a great school district. I am excited about the changes, and the ability to be involved in my kids school, something that I didn’t have with the private school. I am also scared, I loved their old school and if money was no object they would stay there forever. Mr K asked me yesterday “what if my teacher isn’t nice” and I quickly answered with “of course they will be nice” but deep down inside I knew that there was a possibility that he might not love his teacher… and this scares me. He has always loved school, he would jump out of bed, throw on his uniform and be downstairs in minutes. This made me shed a little tear, so fingers crossed that he loves his teacher and his teacher loves him.

With the kids going back to school, it also means that my youngest baby is officially going into grade 1. OMG when did this happen?! I look at parents of toddlers and babies and feel like that stage of our family flew by so fast. I don’t have the big transition of her from part time to full time days, as she was always in full time at the Montessori school. But I no longer have babies, or toddlers, or preschoolers. I am now the mother of kids, and according to some one is a tween! So as I drop my kids off for their first day at their new school I will fight to hold back the tears… of course until I turn around and start walking back home!!

If you see me over the next week, don’t bother asking how I am doing. Just give me a hug and hand over a tissue as I am sure that I will need it!

To celebrate the fun side of kids going back to school, I wanted to do a giveaway of two sets of our Love Notes for Lunch Totes. Tell us if you are happy or sad that the kids going back to school and you can win.

Love Notes for Lunch Totes