Holiday Shopping in Style and without the Stress

I often find the holiday season a very stressful time. The idea of hitting the malls to do my Christmas shopping makes me want to crawl straight into bed, so much so that I started doing most of my shopping online. Isn’t unimaginable that I don’t enjoy shopping?! It is true, it stresses me out. Problem is that sometimes I need to be able to touch and feel what I am buying and that means going into an actual store.


Last week I had the opportunity to experience the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique VIP lounge, something exclusive to RBC Avion cardholders and available at certain malls across the country. My husband, Dave and I dropped the kids at school and headed to Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Our first stop was the valet parking, normally $15 at Yorkdale, but free for Avioners. So nice not to have to worry about finding a parking spot, anyone who knows Yorkdale knows that parking is always a challenge. Inside the mall we planned to head straight for the Avion VIP lounge so we could check our coats, but Dave the car guy quickly spotted the Tesla retail store so we had to stop. WOW that it was one impressive car!


Back on track we went to the VIP lounge, immediately upon entering you realize how much attention was put into making it a very relaxing experience. You feel spoiled by the amazing service and luxurious offerings. They have a beverage and snack bar where you can fuel up and enjoy a snack (they have the best shortbread cookies and Purdy’s chocolates). There was a great selection of Second Cup coffee and tea for the adults to enjoy, kids had a hot chocolate bar that was full of every type of treat you could think of adding. I knew immediately that my kids would be over so excited to whip up there very own special treat. I did feel bad for a minute that there weren’t there to enjoy, but we had important shopping to get done! Drinks in hand we set out into the mall ready to go. It was so nice to not worry about lugging around our jackets, a big downfall to shopping during our winter season. I am sure Dave really appreciated this as he would have normally been holding his coat, my coat, and all of the bags.


Hands full of bags and ready for lunch, we took a quick stop back into the Avion VIP lounge to check our bags and have some of the gifts wrapped. Yes you heard that right, you can check your bags too. No more carrying around heavy bags and hurting your back. I know my chiropractor is smiling!


After lunch we did a little more shopping before heading back to the VIP lounge. We dropped off the last of our gifts for wrapping. This might have been the most exciting part for me, I am the queen of last minute gift wrapping. December is the busiest time of year for my business so my own personal stuff gets left until the last minute. Christmas Eve you will find me hiding in my basement at 2am wrapping gifts, grumbling about how next year I will be more organized. Dave usually sends me to bed as he knows I am way overtired and he finishes the wrapping. (Something he hates – he must really love me.)

Well not this year! Every gift that we bought that day was perfectly wrapped and ready to go under our tree. For once we will be able to sit down and relax on Christmas Eve knowing that everything has been done already.


I grabbed myself another tea and enjoyed the comfortable white leather chairs while the last of my gifts were wrapped up. This might have been the best Christmas shopping experience ever!

If you are an RBC Avion cardholder we recommend stopping in one of the 4 participating malls across Canada (Yorkdale in Toronto, Mail Champlain in Montreal, Coquitlam near Vancouver or the Halifax Shopping Centre) to enjoy for yourself the host of “best in class” benefits this holiday season at the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique VIP lounge, now through to December 31, 2013. Don’t worry if you aren’t currently a RBC Avion cardholder, you can apply right there in the lounge with their concierge service and take advantage of everything that the VIP lounge has to offer, or apply for both the RBC Infinite Avion Card and the RBC Platinum Avion Card online.

RBC Avion Holiday Boutique VIP lounge services available for FREE to Avioners!

Valet Parking

  • Don’t worry about finding a parking spot – park your car, on us!

Avion Holiday Boutique

  • Coat & Parcel check
  • Gift wrapping service
  • Access to the VIP Lounge & Café
  • Concierge/Porter service
  • Food court reservations. See Concierge for details.

Additional information about the RBC Avion Cards.

Shopping Rewards: Earning is simple and easy. —You’’ll earn RBC Rewards points every time you make a purchase with your RBC Avion card. Great value and then some. Earn 1 RBC Rewards point for every dollar spent on purchases. Plus, earn bonus points when shopping through the RBC Rewards eMall.

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And many more perks!


A Husband’s Guide to Mother’s Day

A Husband's Guide to Mother's Day

With Mother’s day only a couple of days away I thought I would share with all the new and not so new fathers how best to deal with this special day for the Moms in your life. Yes this not only goes for your Mom but also your wife.

Yes I know that your wife isn’t your mom, but she is the mother of your kids. If those said kids are still babies or young kids who can’t get themselves to the store or make something special on their own, they either need your help or you to hire a personal shopper to help them. How would you like it if your wife said “oh you’re not my Dad so sorry about your luck” on Father’s day?!

So I am going to save you a trip to the “dog house” with some easy tips on how to help your kids show their mom how special she is to them.

1. Make sure that you get her a card, either bought at the store or hand-made from the kids.

2. Take some of the day-to-day responsibilities away from her. Either cook the meals that day or take the family out so that she doesn’t have to cook. If you do cook, please make sure that you clean up too. There is nothing worse than having to spend hours cleaning up after those wonderful cooked by someone else meals.

3. Treat her to something special. Maybe a trip to the spa for a massage or pedicure. Nothing makes for a happy Mom and wife, than a little bit of pampering!

4. Take the kids to the store and let them pick something out for her. Sure she might love something that comes in the special blue box from Tiffany, but those fuzzy pink slippers that the kids picked out at Target would also be special because she knows that it was a gift that her kids truly thought she would like. You know how you bought your dad a new tie or new box of golf balls every Father’s day and Christmas for 20+ years growing up, he would have loved every one of them!

5. Ask her what she would like to do for her day, and if she says that she wants to spend it alone, let her. Yes, you will let her go without saying a word and making her feel guilty. I am sure you don’t feel guilty when you spend the day on the golf course on Father’s day by yourself, without your kids or wife.

6. Don’t forget about your own mom! Give her a call, send her a card (there is still time – run to the store, buy one and put it in the mail right now) and better yet, grab her some flowers and take her out to lunch on Mother’s day while your wife is at the spa by herself. Because she is also a Grandma and will tell you that being able to spend time with her son and grandkids would be a wonderful way to spend Mother’s day.

Above all, Mom just wants to know that they’re loved and appreciated. So whatever you do for this one day, make sure both your Mom and your wife know this!