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Have you ever wondered to yourself why your kids do certain things? Do you find yourself asking questions like “Why is parenting so hard?” or “Why won’t my kids listen?” or “Who made this mess?”on a regular basis? I know I did.

If you answered yes to any of those questions (or many others) then you need to read Parenting the QBQ Way! Did you know that our children are the product of our parenting? GASP I know! Hard to take, isn’t it?

Accountable parents grasp the truth that it is their job to bring their child successfully into adulthood. We live in a society of needing everything now, but we are also the biggest excuse makers and procrastinators out there. We want everything fixed yesterday, but don’t want to do anything to fix it. It is so much easier to place blame on someone or something else.  This comic I saw on Facebook a couple weeks back explains it very well!


Teacher AbuseWhen I was growing up and did the above, I was the one that got in trouble for it not my teacher!

So back to the book. The concept behind the QBQ is about personal accountability and asking the question behind the question. I was first introduced to that book through my brother in law and husband. So when I had the opportunity to read the newest book, Parenting the QBQ Way, I jumped at the chance. I have a library of parenting books that I have bought trying to make myself a better mom! This book however was different, this books looks at things in a different way. It teaches us how to be an outstanding parent and raise great kids by using the power of personal accountability. It is a tool that enables parents to practice personal accountability by making better choices in the moment, asking better questions.

QBQs begin with the words “What ” or “How” – not “Why,” “When” or “Who” like I found myself using. When you begin to understand this you learn that the answers are in the question. QBQ parents look at themselves and try to figure out how they can improve and what they can do differently. They let their children fail and instead of making excuses or trying to cover for them they ask what they can do to allow their child to learn from their mistakes.

One part that struck a chord with me is that John shows you how voicing our parental frustrations openly in front of our kids has so many negative consequences. They tear children down, diminish our joy of parenting, and interfere with our desire to learn new skills. We get stuck in the “I am too tired” thought process.

This book is a must read for all parents. It is short and to the point, perfect for any busy mom.

The wonderful people from the QBQ were generous enough to give me 3 copies to giveaway to my readers.

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Having a new baby is one of the most exciting times in a parents life and we know how much work is involved with getting ready so we want to make it easier by knocking one item off your to do list. If you have had a baby in the last 2 months or are expecting then this contest is perfect for you!

Enter to win FREE photo birth announcements.

Do you want to send a photo card that truly reflects your style and you are proud of? We care that our customers love the finished product because we love what we do and take great pride in producing something that we are proud of. We offer custom design service with all of our orders, which means you will work one on one with your own personal designer who will take your vision and design the birth announcement to match it. Do it in style with one of Grace Announcements exclusive birth announcement designs for your new baby.

ONE lucky reader will win 50 – 4″ x 6″ Photo Birth Announcements valued at $80. To enter, simply fill the form with your qualifying entries below. Good luck everyone!

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The time has finally come and we are super excited! What better way to celebrate the launch of Everyday Grace than with a BIG virtual party that you can all join in on. Best part is we can all be in our pjs from the comfort of our own homes.

We’ve been asked many questions so I hope I can make it easy by sharing all the details here. Come and join in on the fun.

Date: Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Time: 9:00pm to 10:00pm EST

Where: The party will take place between our Facebook page and this blog. (thanks to silly Facebook page rules)

**Note that some of our prizes do depend on location or need to be picked up from our studio in Aurora or a location in Brampton. That is all noted in the prize details so please make sure you read over the fine print carefully.

Make sure you stay to the end for our BIG GRAND PRIZE!

So how does it work?

1. Come to our Facebook page and sign in that you are there to celebrate with us at 9pm EST.

2. Watch as we post questions.

3. Follow the link in the posted questions to our blog where you can enter your comment for your chance to win.

4. It is that simple. All you have to do is enter your comment or answer into the comments section on the corresponding post for your entry.

5. Don’t worry if you are having trouble keeping up. You can easily go back and find all of the questions and we are here to help you along.

6. The party questions will stay active until 11pm for entries to allow you the chance to get in on all of the prizes.

7. All questions have 2+ prizes so multiple people will have the chance to win.

8. Winners will be selected after the party is over by random generator and will be posted Wednesday morning right here on our blog.


Our prizes are so generously donated by the following amazing companies. Please make sure you take a moment to like their Facebook page and visit their websites.

Clippo, momstownShot in the Dark Mysteries, Kathy & Kim Originals, Kirsty Kernohan Marketing & Design, Glowbaby, Jennifer Gilbert Photography, KIOKKOChâteau des Charmes, CHILDish, My Smart Hands, Jen van der Vecht Photography, Look Who’s Growing, The Mobile Bike Shop, MompreneurScentsy Independent Consultant Tara Collyer, Name Your Tune, Playing it Safe, Matrix Canada

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Since our first baby was born we were lucky to have family to babysit for us. Between the 3 sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles we were all set! But as the kids have grown the family isn’t always available anymore. I don’t blame them we have certainly used their services over the last 8 years. So we have found ourselves in need of a babysitter, add in a recent move and we are now father from family and no longer have the local sitter down the street to help us out. I had the opportunity to check out SOSsitter and I jumped at the chance.

SOSsitter is a trusted resource for you to find a babysitter or nanny for your family, with over 15,000 registered sitters. As the family searching you register your own account and pay the very reasonable membership fee of $90 for a year. If you only need access short-term you can use their monthly membership for $28 per month or their quarterly of $58 for 3 months. Once registered the process is very simple. You can post your own job or search the profiles of sitters in your area. SOSsitter will also email you with tips to help make the process easier for you. My favourite was their tips for conducting phone interviews.

Some of the benefits of SOSsitter are:

  • Detailed profiles with references & background checks
  • All profiles are Mom reviewed for your security
  • Easy selection with 20+ search criteria
  • Post a job yourself for quick replies

You contact the sitter directly and negotiate the hours and wages with them. Of course SOSsitter provides you with the tools to view background checks, references, and parent reviews for any potential sitters.

And that isn’t all, SOSsitter also has sections for senior caregivers, special needs caregivers, pet sitters and housekeepers. Download their iPhone app and you can search for sitters on the go!

While I didn’t have a great success with finding a sitter in our area, because we live in “the burbs”! I would still highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a sitter, especially if you are in a major city.

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I am the queen of last minute and I have seen a few others panicked because they still haven’t bought Valentine’s Day cards for their kids to hand out at school. We have come to the rescue with 2 FREE printables . One that your kids can colour and another where they just have to write their name. Perfect if you are printing this off at 7pm on the 13th of February.

Colour your own Valentine's Day Cards

Download our colour me Valentine’s.

Download our simple Valentine’s printable.

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Valentine's Heart Banner
My good friend Joann from Woman in Real Life posted the most adorable kid friendly craft to do with your kids for Valentine’s Day and I just had to share it with you all! Really how cute are these hearts? Think of how proud your kids would be to see their hard work and sewing in these. And for moms of little ones, trust me they can do this! As a mom of Montessori kids I know that at 3 years old your child can sew with an actual (sharp) sewing needle.

I love crafts, but sadly I spent a lot more time doing crafts before kids as I had a lot more time. I am always looking for simple and fun crafts that I can do with my kids – key point being that they are able to do it and not just watch me (always a lesson in self control as the perfectionist in me wants to take over). This one is easy. Joann had full instructions and other ideas posted on her website.

I am heading to Michaels today to stock up on supplies so the kids and I can enjoy this craft together after school. Thanks Joann for allowing me to share with my readers!

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