Letter to Santa

One of the parts of being a kid is writing your yearly letter to Santa. I know my kids look forward to it and usually start mid-summer! In preparation for our Santa Claus parade this year I created this letter for my kids and wanted to share it with you all.

Download your printable Letter to Santa now and mail it to Santa at:

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Our 2012 Holiday Card line is here and we wanted to reward our customers for ordering early with a free gift! Every Holiday Greeting Card order will receive 10 free gift tags* so don’t wait, order now to beat the rush.

Did you know what sets us apart?

  • you get to work one on one with your own designer who will take care of your order from start to finish to make sure that your order is exactly what you wanted.
  • we offer unbeatable quality by professionally printing all of our cards with the best suppliers we can find.
  • custom design service for no extra money so you can send out a card that is 100% you, no need to have to pick an existing template.
  • fast turnaround times guarantee that your order will arrive to you and leave you plenty of time to send them out
  • we offer many choices to fit every budget, from our digital “print your own” card to our premium cardstock cards.

Why wait, stop by and see our selection of holiday cards for everything from Christmas to Hanukkah. If you can’t decide or there isn’t anything perfect, just for you, let us know and we are happy to help you decide!

*While supplies last (although we have lots to go around!)


We are turning 7 years old and we want to celebrate by giving you the chance to win FREE photo holiday greeting cards!!

Send out this year’s holiday greeting cards with style, and sure to fit every style and budget. From modern to traditional we have cards to suit all styles. Grace Announcements also offers our holiday cards in many different formats that are sure to be noticed. From flat single sided photo cards and double sided card stock cards to folded card stock cards all available in many different sizes, there is a style that is sure to express your personality. You will also find holiday card designs that include anywhere from one to six photos allowing you to show off your family. So when Christmas rolls around this year, make sure you leave a lasting impression with your Christmas Cards.

ONE lucky reader will win 50 – 4″ x 6″ Photo Holiday Greeting Cards valued at $80.

To enter, simply fill the form with your qualifying entries and tell us what is your favourite thing about the holidays below. Good luck everyone!

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Are you expecting or recently had a baby?

We know how exciting a time it is to welcome a new baby into this world and how much work is involved with getting ready so we want to make it easier by knocking one item off your to do list.

Enter to win FREE photo birth announcements.

Do you want to send a photo card that truly reflects your style and you are proud of? We care that our customers love the finished product because we love what we do and take great pride in producing something that we are proud of. We offer custom design service with all of our orders, which means you will work one on one with your own personal designer who will take your vision and design the birth announcement to match it. Do it in style with one of Grace Announcements exclusive birth announcement designs for your new baby.

ONE lucky reader will win 50 – 4″ x 6″ Photo Birth Announcements valued at $80. To enter, simply fill the form with your qualifying entries below. Good luck everyone!

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I love this time of year, it is full of conferences which means that I am busy creating new business card designs for the amazing people attending these events.

Here are a few of the new custom designs created.

Do you want to hand out a business card that truly reflects your style and you are proud of? Don’t settle for ordinary or bland business cards when you can create custom unique designs to leave lasting impressions with clients and associates. Do it in style with one of Grace Announcements exclusive business card designs. Set the right first impression with a business card from Grace Announcements. Our business cards are printed right here in Canada on thick and luxurious card stock that will leave a lasting impression with clients and business partners.

Our custom order process is easy, you will work one on one with your own personal designer who will take your vision and put it on paper. We do everything we can to ensure your ordering experience is stress free! We look forward to creating something unique just for you. You can personalize your card by adding your photo, logo and contact information.

Traditionally, bridal showers have been put together by the maid-of-honor, but times they are a-changing! These days, the entire bridal party typically pitches in, and oftentimes other close friends and family members become involved as well. This is great because it divides the responsibilities and costs among many people, and makes for a better bridal shower experience! The most important part of putting together a successful bridal shower is planning ahead and operating on a timeline…here is a loose schedule to follow to ensure a stress-free party planning experience!

Eight Weeks Before the Shower

Bridal showers typically take place four to six weeks before the wedding. About eight weeks before the anticipated shower date, start putting together a checklist of what needs to be done for the party. This will help you keep track of budget, who’s taking care of what, and miscellaneous tasks that will need to get done. At this time, you should also set an exact time and date for the shower. Consult with the bride about who she would like to invite, and try to get some insight into where she would like the shower to take place.

Six Weeks Before the Shower

Contact a caterer (this site is a good resource to check out) and plan the menu…showers typically include an informal brunch or lunch buffet of small finger foods that allow your guests to eat easily while mingling. A fun, budget-friendly idea is to ask guests to make their favorite dishes for the buffet and bring the recipe along for the bride’s recipe box! At this time, invitations should be sent out, and the location should also be booked.

Two to Three Weeks Before the Shower

Call your vendors to confirm the party reservations…this includes the venue, caterer, and musicians. If your guests are bringing food, confirm what they are bringing to make sure that there will be an even spread of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. Pick up any beverages that you anticipate having at the party, and don’t forget champagne for the toasts! If the shower will be taking place in someone’s home, ensure that there are enough dishes and utensils available, or pick up paper plates and disposable utensils. This is also the time to purchase decorations, bridal shower games, and bridal shower favors…all of these things are available from online retailers like American Bridal. One fun idea is to buy a disposable camera for each table at the shower, and allow the guests to take pictures at the party. Have all of the photos developed and put them together in an album for the bride, as a supplement to her wedding album.

The Day Before the Shower

Get to the venue EARLY. You’ll need at least two hours to decorate, set up tables and chairs, and set out the food and favors. Remember to bring a pen and notepad for documenting who brought which shower gift, and don’t forget your camera. Also, keep in mind that showers are supposed to be casual and fun! If something doesn’t go as planned, remember that this day is about celebrating the bride, and no one will notice if the spinach and artichoke dip gets lost along the way!

This guest post was written by Leslie. She likes to explore popular trends and creative ideas for every stage of planning a wedding. Along the way, she has picked up many tricks of the trade, and enjoys sharing them in freelance articles that she writes for various wedding blogs.

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Photo source www.pleasantdale.com

Making the decision to get married sets you on the path to arranging one of the most logistically complicated events of your life. In order to enjoy the process and celebrate the experience, you should take things slowly and carefully weigh up each decision along the way.

First Decisions

Before you can make any decisions regarding the type of wedding venue you’d like, you need to ask a few fundamental questions. Firstly, consider the budget you have for the wedding and the type of wedding you’d like. For instance, do you want to get married locally or would you prefer a destination wedding? Would you like a formal occasion or do you prefer something more casual?

You also need to think about how many guests you will have and if you prefer to hold the ceremony and reception at the same place or whether both parts of your big day will take place in separate locations.


Having answered those first questions you’ll have a better idea of the kind of venue you’re looking for. The next stage is to do some research.

If you’re planning a local location you may already have somewhere in mind that would provide you with the perfect wedding venue. If you’re planning to get married in a location that is more distant from your home, you may need to do some additional research to find the perfect venue.

Search online or browse through bride and wedding magazines. Ask among your friends for possible suggestions or search through directories for possible venues.

Another important part in this stage of wedding planning is to formulate a list of questions to ask the venue manager.

The questions on your list should include such things as pricing and payment arrangements, the catering services and choices of menu offered. For evening events, you may also want to know what kind of lighting is used and if you’re planning a dance or disco, what the sound quality is like and how large a dancing space they have.

Visit Venues

Armed with your shortlist of possible venues and your list of questions, the next step is to arrange to visit each venue so you can see first-hand the type of space available and determine whether or not it suits your needs.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to clarify any points you’re not sure about and ask if it’s possible to adapt or rearrange any spaces that are almost suitable but not quite perfect.

Be prepared to negotiate. For example, if the venue offers something in a package that you don’t require, it may be possible to get that item taken out for a reduction in the cost.

Take a camera along with you to photograph the interior and exterior spaces you will use for your wedding. You may think you will remember the small details, but when you are visiting several venues it’s easy to mix up what is available at each individual place.

Give yourself plenty of time to arrange a wedding. Wedding venues tend to get booked up well in advance, so you may find that you need to be flexible on the date of your wedding if you want to hold the ceremony and reception at a particular venue.

Although it can be a stressful time, try to enjoy the planning. Organizing and arranging is part of the experience. It is a process that will lead to one of the most memorable days in your life.

This guest post was written by Francesca, a freelance writer and blogger who lives in the UK. She currently writes on behalf of the University of Liverpool, who can provide the perfect Liverpool wedding venues.


Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a little love throughout their day? We know all kids do, so we created “Love Notes for Lunch Totes” to make it fast and easy to slip in your child’s lunch. Send these little notes and brighten your child’s day – we are sure they will be smiling!

These are designed to be used with Avery Business Cards or you can print on any cardstock and trim along the lines.

Click here to Download Now!

Check back soon as we are going to be offering a print your own Valentine’s card for your kids too.


The one thing that sets Grace Announcements apart from our competitors is we don’t think inside the box and we don’t like to make our customers.  We specialize in custom options, whether it is design or paper.  Send out this year’s holiday greeting cards with style, and sure to fit every style and budget. From modern to traditional we have cards to suit all styles. Grace Announcements also offers our cards in many different formats that are sure to be noticed. From flat single sided photo cards and double sided card stock cards to folded card stock cards all available in many different sizes. We like to provide you with many options in hopes that you will find something that is perfect just for you to express your style and personality. You will also find holiday card designs that include anywhere from one to six photos allowing you to show off your family.

Having trouble deciding? Not to worry. With every holiday card order from Grace Announcements you will have your own personal designer who will help decide which Christmas card will suit your style best. So when Christmas rolls around this year, make sure you leave a lasting impression with your Christmas Cards. Feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests for your card, let us know how we can help at info@graceannouncements.com
Here are a few folded holiday card custom designs:
And a folded birth announcement and Christmas card in one combination:
So if there is something you want for your holiday card this year please let us know.

Business cards have become something that almost everyone wants to have. They aren’t just for the employees lucky enough to work for a company that prints them for each of their employees.  Anyone and everyone has a business card, from a personal card you might use while job hunting, to a mommy card that you can hand to another parent you meet at the park and want to set up a play date with.  But the newest type is the blogger card. To me it is a mix between a personal card and business card. With the number of blogging conferences each year it is understandable why so many have these. Why not put all of your information on a card that you can use when you connect with another blogger or a company at the conference.

When asked what people should put on their cards they need to think “What does your business card need to do for you?” Before you order up your first batch of cards you need to think of a few things. What is the purpose of your card? What do you want it to accomplish? What information do you want to put on it? This is a question we get asked a lot. I am a believer that it should be what you want to put on it. If you want to put your full name, phone number, email, blog, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn then do it. We think photos are a great addition and allow people to easily remember you once they are home and looking over the cards they collected weeks later.

We asked business coach, Lara Galloway (@mombizcoach on twitter) for her tips.

Lara says that it is very important to have a call to action on your card so that it doesn’t end up on the bottom of a bag to never be looked at again. Do something to draw attention to your website, maybe you have a special promo or offer a link to your latest e-book or video. Giving people a reason to hold on to your card and visit your website is what it is all about.

So now you have the business card (maybe you ordered a great custom design to match your blog like we at Grace Announcements are so well known for) and you are ready to hand them out. But many wonder what is the best way to do that. How many times have you gone to an event, business cards in hand (or purse) ready to hand out, and you forget to even pull them out?

Lara says that your conference badge is a perfect place to but a small stack of cards. They are right there with you at all times making it very easy to hand out.

When you are in a conversation offer them your business card, and always make sure you ask for one of theirs too. Have a goal to have more cards from other people then what you hand out yourself.

These tips will help you put a dent in the big box of business cards you ordered, because after all it seems that people order new cards each year so you don’t want to be throwing them out!

Be sure to check back as we share some great ideas and tools on what to do with all of those cards you collected.


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