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My good friend Joann from Woman in Real Life posted the most adorable kid friendly craft to do with your kids for Valentine’s Day and I just had to share it with you all! Really how cute are these hearts? Think of how proud your kids would be to see their hard work and sewing in these. And for moms of little ones, trust me they can do this! As a mom of Montessori kids I know that at 3 years old your child can sew with an actual (sharp) sewing needle.

I love crafts, but sadly I spent a lot more time doing crafts before kids as I had a lot more time. I am always looking for simple and fun crafts that I can do with my kids – key point being that they are able to do it and not just watch me (always a lesson in self control as the perfectionist in me wants to take over). This one is easy. Joann had full instructions and other ideas posted on her website.

I am heading to Michaels today to stock up on supplies so the kids and I can enjoy this craft together after school. Thanks Joann for allowing me to share with my readers!

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