A Husband’s Guide to Mother’s Day

A Husband's Guide to Mother's Day

With Mother’s day only a couple of days away I thought I would share with all the new and not so new fathers how best to deal with this special day for the Moms in your life. Yes this not only goes for your Mom but also your wife.

Yes I know that your wife isn’t your mom, but she is the mother of your kids. If those said kids are still babies or young kids who can’t get themselves to the store or make something special on their own, they either need your help or you to hire a personal shopper to help them. How would you like it if your wife said “oh you’re not my Dad so sorry about your luck” on Father’s day?!

So I am going to save you a trip to the “dog house” with some easy tips on how to help your kids show their mom how special she is to them.

1. Make sure that you get her a card, either bought at the store or hand-made from the kids.

2. Take some of the day-to-day responsibilities away from her. Either cook the meals that day or take the family out so that she doesn’t have to cook. If you do cook, please make sure that you clean up too. There is nothing worse than having to spend hours cleaning up after those wonderful cooked by someone else meals.

3. Treat her to something special. Maybe a trip to the spa for a massage or pedicure. Nothing makes for a happy Mom and wife, than a little bit of pampering!

4. Take the kids to the store and let them pick something out for her. Sure she might love something that comes in the special blue box from Tiffany, but those fuzzy pink slippers that the kids picked out at Target would also be special because she knows that it was a gift that her kids truly thought she would like. You know how you bought your dad a new tie or new box of golf balls every Father’s day and Christmas for 20+ years growing up, he would have loved every one of them!

5. Ask her what she would like to do for her day, and if she says that she wants to spend it alone, let her. Yes, you will let her go without saying a word and making her feel guilty. I am sure you don’t feel guilty when you spend the day on the golf course on Father’s day by yourself, without your kids or wife.

6. Don’t forget about your own mom! Give her a call, send her a card (there is still time – run to the store, buy one and put it in the mail right now) and better yet, grab her some flowers and take her out to lunch on Mother’s day while your wife is at the spa by herself. Because she is also a Grandma and will tell you that being able to spend time with her son and grandkids would be a wonderful way to spend Mother’s day.

Above all, Mom just wants to know that they’re loved and appreciated. So whatever you do for this one day, make sure both your Mom and your wife know this!